Reflection: Media Class

I’ve been trying to upload this from my iPhone to YouTube, but it seems like there’s bugs in that uploading process. Whenever I try upload to YouTube, it has to be through my computer or else it won’t work. It’s kind of annoying because you’re not always going to have access to a computer like my current situation. 

Anyway I’ve decided to just upload it straight to my blog as an iPhone video. ​

Update: never mind, after 5 hours (I had to leave the house and come back) it seems I’ve managed to upload to YouTube!! 🎉😊🎉

Reflection Video


Reflections: Week 12 Presentation

I cannot believe I made it to week 12!! Time has flown by.

This morning my classmates and I (the ones that showed up 😬) had our final presentations. 

This time around in comparison to week 3 I was more comfortable. I want sure if it was coming across but judging by the feedback from Georgia, Maggy, Bianca and some of the others it did. Eliss said that my presentation was good and clear but my excessive hand movements were distracting. That’s important for me because I do gesticulate (love that word) a lot. So when I’m presenting I should try keep note of that. 

Everyone seemed to respond well to my use of Prezi for my slides, which I loved to hear. I was also more confident on my actual topic. I didn’t need to use bulletpoints on my slides. Just trigger words for myself. 

Overall, I’m happy with my presentation. My timing was really good and my audience understood me.

Hopefully Amanda and Laurent loved me as much as I love them and they’ll give me an A… #shameless 😇😉

Tool Review: iMovie

I stupidly forgot to save my screenshots of my iMovie project to my phone before my laptop went on hiatus…🙄 😅

So I’ve just had to take some screenshots from my phone about iMovie in general. 

I really liked using iMovie to edit my video. It works really well for me being an Apple user. Nonetheless, I hadn’t used it the way I used it this time. Instead of just making slideshows, I was splicing videos. It was really fun. 

Also the process of sharing it to YouTube was quite straightforward 

Tool Review: Prezi

This was another tool that I enjoyed using. I presented twice in class: week 3 and week 12. I used Prezi for both presentations. 

It was definitely a little bit trickier for me in week 3 with editing. However I still found it rewarding to use. I felt it made my slides more interactive. 

Week 12 was significantly easier this time around. I still used Prezi Classic but I used a different template. Didn’t take quite as long as the first time, but there was definitely time spent. 

There were many comments after my presentation from some of my other classmates about my use of Prezi. A few hadn’t heard about it before then, but found it visually appealing. 

Would I use Prezi in the future? Absolutely! 

Tool Review: Google+

Big thanks to Amanda and Laurent for having the class on the Google communities because it demistified it for me. Before the class, I had just heard of Google community. I’d used google docs and have a gmail but not beyond that. 

After 12 weeks, this has become one of my favourite platforms! 

  • It’s so connected. 
  • It’s easy to use
  • Good interface and well updated. 

I can definitely see myself using Google communities for future work and play. It’s really nice. 

Changing it up!

I’ve been meaning to change my WordPress theme. My old theme didn’t give me the grid layout I was after. So I went on a bit of a voyage and landed on Bakersville 2.

Have to say… really liking it.

And the winner is…


It works best for my demographic of male 18-24 year olds. According to this article I read Millennials and Youtube, 54% of 18-34 year olds visit YouTube at least once per day. It is the third most popular social media platform for this demographic.

In my previous post The Great Debate, I compared video platforms Vimeo and Youtube, trying to decide which one would be better. I wouldn’t play it as an ad before videos because in the aforementioned article Millennials and YouTube:

  • 11% had ad-blocker (I’m definitely part of this group)
  • 29% of millennials watch ads all the way through (I’m rarely part of this group)
  • 59% would watch until they could skip the ad (I’m mostly part of this group)

So with those statistics in mind and the greater reach that YouTube has over Vimeo, it has won in the end.

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