The Great Debate

So obviously I rethought my actual tool. Instead of doing a poster, which is static and wouldn’t be as effective for my demographic because of placement, I decided to do a video. It would have greater reach than a poster would. Also my demographic lives online so they are more likely to view a video online over a poster that’s in a bathroom stall. Refer to one of my previous posts Alcohol related media for the cheeky reference.

In terms of video social media platforms, Vimeo and YouTube are at the top of the pack. I’ve had a Vimeo account before. I created it for a very specific task and then after it was completed, there wasn’t enough pull for me to keep the account. I have YouTube account. First year of uni when I was in Dunedin, I created one because my friends wanted to see what I was getting up to. I made embarrassing vlogs where I think I just spoke about my week. They have been deleted… 🙂

Anyway, I do have some experience with both platforms. Personally, I prefer YouTube. It’s more straightforward to use. Plus it just feels more broad and connected to everything. Nonetheless, here was a breakdown of the two:

  • YouTube has a higher audience range and because of its connection to Google, video searches can drive greater web traffic.
  • YouTube has unlimited uploads, which can be really effective for companies and content creators
  • Vimeo is a bit more niche in comparison. It’s very great for creative designers and filmmakers and it has more audience engagement.
  • There are upload restrictions.

For a more in-depth look at the advantages/disadvantages of either service can read more by Elise Moreau at Lifewire




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