And the winner is…


It works best for my demographic of male 18-24 year olds. According to this article I read Millennials and Youtube, 54% of 18-34 year olds visit YouTube at least once per day. It is the third most popular social media platform for this demographic.

In my previous post The Great Debate, I compared video platforms Vimeo and Youtube, trying to decide which one would be better. I wouldn’t play it as an ad before videos because in the aforementioned article Millennials and YouTube:

  • 11% had ad-blocker (I’m definitely part of this group)
  • 29% of millennials watch ads all the way through (I’m rarely part of this group)
  • 59% would watch until they could skip the ad (I’m mostly part of this group)

So with those statistics in mind and the greater reach that YouTube has over Vimeo, it has won in the end.


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