Tool Review: GIMP

So I had been thinking about creating a poster, not too sure anymore but I’ll get into that later on. Regardless, in anticipation of creating a poster, I looked through the list of free graphic design software that Laurent had posted on our Google+ community: Graphic Design Software. So I installed GIMP to start creating a poster. Let me just breakdown my pros and cons on GIMP.


  • It’s free and compatible with Mac… Windows and Linux as well, but I have a Mac so who cares about the others, haha! All jokes aside, Laurent has really made me understand that when we step out of the bubble of university, we will be interacting with many different platforms and OS.
  • I thought that it was going to be a Photoshop knockoff and as a result lack some of the power of Photoshop. Don’t be fooled, it’s actually quite efficient and powerful.
  • It runs smoothly.
  • If you’re not a design aficionado, GIMP can be quite straightforward to use. There were some tools that I struggled with nonetheless.


  •  I think my biggest issue was that a few of the ideas I had for my poster were not being visualised because I struggled with some of the effects and tools.
  • It can take a while to load.


The poster that I had in mind would’ve been a mash-up of sorts between a crying child and an angry man. This would also include the tagline: “Hi, Mr.Hyde”.

Mr. Hyde would be a reference to Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde and specifically to one of the four types of alcohol personalities. Alcoholic Personalities

s-DRUNK-PERSONALITIES-large However, I thought maybe that wouldn’t be a good approach especially considering my demographic. So why not change the narrative to more social aspects of drinking within the male 18-24year old audience.


I would definitely suggest GIMP as a tool for image manipulation.



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