Week 6

These are some common ads that I’ve been noticing on TV lately. One thing I found funny was that before I started this paper and subsequent study, I thought this DB Export ad was joking about turning bottles into sand. Apparently it’s actually a thing!

Very interesting. In terms of critique, this is on the positive side for the alcohol topic. By people drinking beers, they will be contributing to the sustainability of our beaches. So not all bad…

Also there is the social interaction aspect of drinking,which builds that sense of community and connectedness. That is also a positive thing. This particular ad depicts that social interaction. 

Side-note: Another thing that I’ve found so interesting is that the targets of alcohol advertising and the characters used in the ads are typically young males. This is the demographic that I’m focusing on: young males between 18-25 years old. 

This Steinlager ad below gets played at least 2 times within an hour on TV; and this all starts around 8-9pm. 


The influence of social media on alcohol use is not straightforward. On one side social media seems to exacerbate or at the very least leave a window open for young people to be exposed to alcohol-related media online, which tends to lead to alcohol use offline. “Compared with kids who have never seen photos of people drinking, using drugs, or passed out on social networking sites, the teens that have seen them are 3 times likelier to use alcohol.” 

On the other side though, social media can provide access to different recovery spaces that people may not typically have access too and this can also provide different opportunities. Social media can be a very influential preventative tool.  Social Media and Alcohol use

Food for thought: It’s funny how specifically Kiwi culture views drinking. There has been such an aggressive culture of binge-drinking that when someone doesn’t do that (or doesn’t drink and drive) we call them a ‘legend’….



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