Week 5: Question Everything

So this week what I had was a bunch of questions that I will see if I can answer throughout my study of this paper:

  • Is there a correlation between the area I live in and the adverts being presented?
  • How many health promotion ads am I being exposed to?
  • What are the most effective types of alcohol advertising?
  • Which types in terms of media platform (print vs radio vs TV) and in terms of approach (emotional vs. medical vs. social)?
  • How many alcohol-related ads pop up within a one-hour program?

Something I’ve found interesting is that even though there has been an increase of alcohol advertising, the statistics show that young people are drinking less. In many countries this has been seen; UK, Scotland, US. There are articles linked below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Full article here: Ads increase, Alcohol decrease

The report Youthful Abandon undertaken by the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) explores the declining trend of drinking amongst youth and its possible casual or correlated factors.


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