Week 4: Rethinking Everything

So I downloaded Flipboard and Cinemaker. I find them both interesting as apps, but I’m struggling a little with both. Possibly because of the location of the apps on my iPhone (page 3 and 4 out of 4), so maybe I’m not seeing them, but hey!


Sidenote: The good thing about this class, is that it’s making me blog much more! I already have another blog called ‘The Jeneral Vicinity’, which was on a hiatus. So all this blogging has got me… blogging.

You know how I said that I was thinking of looking at alcohol-related aggression, well I’m not too sure about that. I feel like the specificity may paint me into a corner. So I’ve shifted the gaze more towards: The Role of Social Media in Alcohol Consumption Among Youth. 

From this I can look at:

  • social media and alcohol advertising – how it’s being presented. Changes over time. Differences with social media platforms vs other forms such as tv or magazines etc.
  • take a peek at alcohol-related aggression or anti-social behaviours and social media’s role in that (if any)
  • compare and critique the actual advertising, because not all of it is anti binge drinking. For example the ‘DB Export Ads’. Although it says drink responsibly at the bottom corner, the gist is the promotion of social drinking and to an extent, in excess. Compare that to the ‘Go The Distance’ campaign.

Below is one of my clips from Cinemaker.


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