Week 3: Tips and Tricks

This week was just presentations. It was good to see what others were thinking of researching in terms of topics and stuff. The major proportion was for smoking, a few obesity and at that point I was the sole alcoholic. What a lonely island!

Anyway, at this juncture I’m thinking of looking at alcohol-related aggression among young people.

I used Prezi, which was the first time I’ve ever used that for a presentation. It was quite a nice change for me and it worked well. Laurent did give a couple of tips and suggestions. For me personally, it’s better to just put a screenshot (or frame-grab) of a video clip instead of playing that actually video. I guess that’s valid.

Also for all of us, when creating a presentation, saving it as a PDF is a better idea because formatting issues can be bitch!

Below this is my first presentation to the class from this week. If you want to view, this is the link: http://bambuser.com/v/6668000

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.11.17 PM

This is the feedback from Amanda: AUTHPNORTH CRITIC

There was also an interesting article that I read about the criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). If you meet only 2 out of 11 of the criteria, you should reach out for help because you have mild symptoms. The link of the article is below: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201506/what-are-the-eleven-symptoms-alcohol-use-disorder

Below is the NZ Anti Drink-Driving advertisement that was flying the circuit a few years back,”Legend – Ghost Chips”. I made reference to it in my presentation. If you want to check it out it’s here:


Until next time!



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