Week 2: To Flip or not To Flip

Amanda and Laurent are quite lovely!

This week was definitely a bit more of a dive into the deep-end I feel. Information was flying around that classroom like a trapped bird. Nevertheless, it was all helpful and valid. Here’s a recap of what I’ve established:

  • I need to select a topic for exploration: prevalence of smoking, combatting obesity or harms associated with alcohol. At the moment I’m still trying to narrow it down between smoking and alcohol (the dynamic duo). I feel like 635962522886927346-1992246232_tumblr_n3f432srOH1sv7laoo1_250‘smoking’ has been a topic that throughout my degree keeps getting addressed and I’m a little bored of it. However, this paper gives a different viewpoint – down the media and ethics lens, so that is making it a bit tricky for me to decide.
  • #AUTHPNorth is the hashtag for the class…
  • We now have a Google+ community aptly titled AUTHPNorth.
  • Flipboard: I clearly didn’t quite understand the proper use before. I didn’t realise that you could curate and create your own magazine. I thought it was just an online reader, but it seems to be that’s the tip of the iceberg.  As Kirsty said, “It’s like a Pinterest for news resources.” 

So I’m going to reinstall it on my iPhone and see if I have better use with it this time for collating my resources.

(Screenshots of the Flipboard app from my phone).

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. Awaiting week 3…

– Jenn


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